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Kanchanaburi---lal lal lah

so green
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5 of us made a decision to visit Bo's restaurant Schelug where she sells western food.Thx for a new friendshipgiving to me. I am so pleased to be here and know you guys. It means a lot to me. I have found workng here is interesting and makes me happy a lot.

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Many Occasions

X'Mas lunch
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2day we are invited to visit Consular Open House for US Em. It is such a good day for us all to see how they work and what they have. Pix are from X'Mas, Visa lunch party, Toei's graduation day and by the river w/friends. Life is now good talking chatting going out w/friends. Cant believe I know loads of pple coming into my life.

On Mon, I was allergic to medicine and it went very bad on my face, hot, painful, burnt and itchy. I went to hospital and dermatologist applied some cream on my face but it didnt help much so I was injected. It took a few hours till I was better. Hur..cant believe it goes so bad and lucky is I am still ok can breathe and didnt choke.

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เมื่อวานดูพระราชพิธีเห็นพระองค์ยืนรับถวายการเคารพจากเหล่าทหาร รู้สึกตื้นตันใจและปิติอย่างที่สุด ภาพเหล่านี้กำลังจะกลับมาอีกครั้งให้คนไทยทั้งโลกมีใจเป็นหนึ่งเดียวกัน ใกล้แล้วนะ วันเฉลิม วันพ่อ วันที่ชาวไทยทุกคนรอคอย

ความรักที่เรามีให้ตอนนี้คือรักและเคารพในหลวง พ่อของเราทุกคน จะหาเสื้อเหลืองสวยๆมาใส่ สีเหลืองสู้ๆ

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Siem Reap-once in a life time

Bayon...u love me
Top view of Angkor Wat
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Just only few words to ask P'Nui, "Do u wanna go to Siem Reap w/me?" Yes, I do. Then, we planned to go to Cambodia 2gether. It is such an exciting trip for us 2 pretty gals from Thailand. Our excitement starts from arrivin at Suvarnabhumi airport where we have to check in at the counter and it took us half an hour in getting through the process. We didnt check our baggage. We got through the gate half an hr b4 boarding. It's not that bad I think at this new airport. Bangkok Airways is waiting amidst the sunny day. Just only 55 mins we got there. No need to queue for visa on arrival so we just walked pass immigration process. P'Srang, our local guide and camery car w/another driver is outside. We went to many places we saw once civilised city, we passed debris, we touched atmosphere, we feel the greatness of Khmer Kingdom. We, 2 new friends getting to know each other more & more. We helped each other, we are Mamipoko presenter, we encouraged each other to climb up. It is such a great time for us.

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When my holiday comes true...

Nice shot
w/my grandma
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Then, my holiday comes true. I am extremely happy when I have 25 days off from work. Long for it. It's good for me coz I have plenty of time to clean & clear my bedroom. I threw many things away and donated unused things to some foundations, for kiddo. We went to the temple in Ayutthaya. Had A&W waffles at the gasoline station that is our main aim. I also had a break to the northern part of Thailand (Chiangmai and Chiangrai). Weather is awesome. We went to the border (Mae Sai) and acrossed to Myanmar did loads of shopping. Pampered myself at Oasis Spa brightened my life. Superb!

After we came back from our trip, we went to visit our relatives at Sarm-chuk Market, Suphanburi. I have been to Bung Chawark to see and smell fishy fishy. Then, went to take some old style pix at my relative's photo shop. See our pix and you gonna know how was it. Visited 100 year-old Thai style house. I love that atmosphere. So relax and magnificent. Enjoyed grilled river prawn yummy.

On NY's eve, many friends came to my home and enjoyed yummy dinner. My grandma kindly cooked one big bowl of stir-fried broccoli w/mushroom and prawn. Aum and P'Tai went back but the rest of us stayed at my place and count down. The most delightful moment in my life for this year end is I got a phone call heart flutters w/joy. Though we are apart but just only distance, under the same sky with the moonlit having the one and only sun...we are here together. Thx mak mak ka...


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